We would like to make you part of our network and team

At Transportes Especiales 360 we have one of the largest land transport networks in Colombia.

Affiliate your vehicle to Transportes Especiales 360

Buy your special transport service partnership and let’s work together. Acquire your membership and offer transportation services under legal regulations set by the Ministry of Transport of Colombia. When you become a member your membership will include:
  • License and SOAT
  • Public Service Membership
  • Paperwork
  • Transport capacity
  • Operation card
  • Marking
  • Contractual and non-contractual insurance
  • Speed device
  • Reverse whistle
We also advise you on the acquisition of your credit for the purchase of your vehicle, all risk policies and SOAT so that you can offer the highest quality passenger transport service.

What kind of vehicles do we affiliate?

We have transport capacity for the following types of vehicles:
Transporte empresarial


Transporte empresarial


Transporte empresarial


Transporte empresarial

Double cab

Transporte empresarial


Transporte empresarial


Our business partners

Our business partners help us achieve our goals as a company and offer you a better service.

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