Integral Management Policy

TRANSPORTES ESPECIALES 360 S.A.S is a business organization dedicated to the providing of Public Service of Special Land Transportation in the national territory. The General Management and its team of collaborators are committed to comply with the following Integral Policy:
  • To provide a healthy environment ensured by a good work environment and commitment to the company, which motivates the implementation of friendly work practices and the application of strategies in search of a differential service and well appreciated by clients.
  • Always aim to keep high indicators of service quality and physical, mental and social well-being of each of the company’s employees.
    Always carry out under safe conditions work activities in the facilities of the company and outside it, with own employees and third parties providing safe acts, permanently using personal protection equipment where required, in order to prevent accidents and control occupational diseases through the development of occupational health programs and implementing subprograms of preventive medicine ensuring the necessary resources.
  • To provide full compliance with legal regulations on quality management, industrial safety and health at work and other applicable standards according to the economic activity.
  • To standardize the operational, logistical and administrative processes of the company in the search of greater efficiency and high-quality services to always meet the needs of our customers and users.
  • To work on the continuous improvement of services and processes, providing services according to the expectations of our customers, therefore getting their loyalty and a lasting relationship, and with it the main differentiating arguments against our competition.
To promote a sustainable tourist development, committed to develop a management oriented to minimize the environmental impact, promoting a healthy tourism and an economic development, involving all our collaborators.