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What is special transport?

Special transport refers to those vehicles with white plates that are not in the category of cabs or buses. It is the best option for those who seek safety, quality and trustworthiness for their passengers, since they get a service with high-end vehicles to ensure better service in terms of time and comfort.

This kind of special transport vehicle must be affiliated to a company that has regulations monitored by the Ministry of Transport and must comply with the applicable legal regulations, which makes the service 100% more reliable and safe.

Our drivers’ commitment

Our drivers go through a thorough selection process and must be constantly trained to provide professional transport services in order to be able to deal competently and responsibly with all motor vehicle driving situations according to their category.

Our transport services

Business transport

Business transport

With our business transportation service for officials and employees you will find comfort and security in all your trips. Likewise, we have biosecurity protocols to offer the best transport service for companies in Colombia.

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Tourist transport

Tourist transport

With our tourist transport service aimed at travel agencies, hotels, families and groups of friends you will find high-quality, safe and trustworthy tourist transport as we have biosecurity protocols to ensure the trips of our passengers.

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Medical Transport

Medical Transport

With our medical transport service aimed at EPS, IPS, clinics and private patients, you will find a high-quality and specialized transport service with biosecurity protocols to ensure the mobility of our passengers during their medical journeys.

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School transport

School transport

With our school transport service aimed at kindergartens and schools, you will find a school trip service that guarantees the safety of the children and the tranquility of the parents. We have biosecurity protocols to protect all our families.

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Transporte privado

Private transport

With our private transport service you will find the highest-quality experience in VIP transportation at a business, tourist, group or personal level in Bogota and throughout Colombia. We have biosecurity protocols to always offer you a safe trip.

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Our clients

Our clients reflect the quality of our services and the commitment we have with both them and our passengers.

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