Road Safety Policy

TRANSPORTES ESPECIALES 360 S.A.S is a business organization dedicated to the providing of Public Service of Special Land Transportation in the national territory. The General Management and its team of collaborators are committed to comply with the following Road Safety Policy:
” Manage the prevention and promotion of safety on the roads of the national territory is a requirement of our service, because the safety and health at work of our clients, users, collaborators and other interest groups are priority and differentiating characteristics of our services. Consequently, the human talent that works directly and indirectly for TRANSPORTES ESPECIALES 360 S.A.S, is responsible for actively participating in the different events that are planned and developed by the organization, in order to minimize the probability of road accidents that may affect the physical, mental and social integrity of people”.
We must act on all those factors that may affect road safety in order to minimize the risks associated with transport and aimed at the goal of no accidents. As a socially responsible company we are committed to implement and continuously improve our Road Safety System based on 1565 of 2014 , integrating it in each and every one of our operations.
To support this purpose, we are committed to:
  1. Comply with current legal regulations on road safety.
  2. Identify and evaluate road safety risks as the foundation of our operations.
  3. Create awareness among our staff through training to prevent road accidents.
  4. Integrate the requirements of the Road Safety System in all processes of the organization.
  5. Provide the necessary resources for the development of the Road Safety System.
  6. Active participation of all the levels of the organization and all the groups of interest.
  7. Promote continuous improvement through the periodic review of the system and its results.